Attorney General Bill Schuette wants to raise taxes on Michigan families purchasing health insurance.  If he prevails, nearly a half-million families will lose an annual $4,700 tax credit, while Michigan taxpayers continue to pay for families in other states like New York and California to receive these credits.


"Nearly a quarter-million Michiganders stand to lose millions of dollars in tax credits that helped them buy health coverage last year, if a court ruling earlier today in Washington — one that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette supported — withstands a likely appeal

"When pressed by the moderator on what he would have advised Schuette... , Rep. Al Pscholka (R-Stevensville) responded: 'Back off.'"

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The bottom line: A half-million Michigan families will see a tax hike of $5,000 on average if Schuette's crusade continues.


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Schuette's crusade will mean a tax hike of $4,700 for nearly a half-million Michigan families.

Schuette's crusade will mean a tax hike of $4,700 for nearly a half-million Michigan families.


Nearly a half-million Michigan families are eligible for tax relief, but could lose this relief because of Bill Schuette's case. (Center for Healthcare Transformation Research, Univ. of Michigan)

• The average estimated tax credit per family in 2014 is $4,700, and rises to over $5,000 a year thereafter. (Congressional Budget Office)

• Schuette's case cause over the next five years Michigan families to lose $8.6 billion worth of tax credits. (Prof. Nicholas Bagley, Univ. of Mich. School of Law, Detroit News 3/6/14.)



Schuette has asked a federal court to raise our taxes. Whose side is he on?

Schuette has asked a federal court to raise our taxes. Whose side is he on?


• On February 6, 2014 Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette asked a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. to deny Michigan families federal tax credits to buy health insurance.

• Many Michigan families are set to enjoy this tax relief this year.

• On July 22, 2014, a federal court ruled on Bill Schuette's case, potentially forcing this massive tax increase on Michigan families.



“For the life of me, I can't understand why Attorney General Bill Schuette wants to increase taxes and make it more difficult for Michigan residents to access affordable health insurance. It just defies logic. If Bill Schuette's lawsuit is successful - which I hope it is not - my constituents stand to lose. Michiganders would see their taxes raised by thousands of dollars and also face drastically higher health care costs.

The Attorney General is supposed to protect all Michigan consumers, not merely file lawsuits to score political points and pander to the Tea Party.”

Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05), National Journal

"Sen. Jim Marleau (R-Lake Orion) argued that none of the panelists voted for Obamacare in Washington D.C. - but now that it is law, what state legislators need to do is 'protect our citizens. That's why I believe if we had our exchange we could have done that easier.'"

MIRS (7/25/14)

“What do you call a state official who files a lawsuit to deny residents federal tax credits for health care? . . . [A] destructive radical.

Iron Mountain Daily News (2/21/14)

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